carries a wide range of articles of my design, from bags to postage stamps, clothing, pillows, phone covers, clocks, lamps, and more.  

PAOM - Print All Over Me carries a wide range of clothing with my designs, including a great swim suit and the perfect women's tee shirt. also carries lots of different items with my designs, including art prints, leggings, pillows, shower curtains, and beach towels. sells my designs in 23 fabrics, wallpaper, and giftwrap paper. sells my designs on fabric ready to sew or already custom-made, based on their many sewing patterns for women, men, and kids. sells my designs on upholstered chairs, napkins, placemats, wallpaper, and tea towels. contains more extensive photo albums of my artwork, jewelry, textiles, and clothing

I am selling fabric, wallpaper and some household items to the European market through

Mockingbird Handprints carries my jewelry, and is located in the Blue Star Arts Complex, Bldg. B, 1420 S. Alamo  #108, San Antonio, TX 78210; Phone: 210.878.5711; email:

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